Our team

Our team

  • Mark Geller

    Extensive experience of building a company from scratch, starting from registration of a limited liability company and to the stage when "The project is launched and operates in accordance with the business plan." Developed the project’s business model, recruited key personnel and made arrangements for the project’s quick start.
  • Sergey Gubin

    Professor, Doctor of Chemical Sciences
    Sergey Pavlovich Gubin Professor, Doctor of Chemical Sciences Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation, laureate of the State Prize of the USSR. Author and co-author of more than 500 scientific publications in the organometallic chemistry, coordination chemistry, cluster chemistry, and chemistry and technology of nanoparticles and materials based on them.
  • Pavel Chuprov

    Senior Researcher, Ph.D.
    Highly skilled expert in testing of lithium-ion energy storage devices. Extensive experimenter's experience, previous involvement in large-scale research projects.
  • Denis Kornilov

    Head of the laboratory, Dr.Sc. in engineering
    Author of several start-up projects, recognized as the best entrepreneur from the candidates who represented the United States and the EU countries in the Startups Showcase Virtual Presentations 2013 contest held by the National Council of Entrepreneurial Tech Transfer (NCET2). Winner of such contests as Commercialization Pathfinder, START-2011, Golden Age of Innovation, and Innovations in Youth - the Future of Russia.
  • Sergey Tkachev

    Senior Researcher, Ph.D.
    Sergey Viktorovich Tkachev Senior Research Fellow, Ph.D. Graduated from the Department of Chemistry of the Lomonosov Moscow State University (Chair of Chemical Technology and New Materials, Laboratory of Chemistry of Carbon Materials) in 2009. In 2012, defended his thesis on "Reduced graphene oxide: production, structure, and properties".
  • Nikolay Chistyakov

    Specialist in development of functional blocks on programmable logic microcircuits, as well as in setting and debugging prototypes using laboratory equipment. Has a wide experience in testing of electronic equipment and maintenance of databases of test results.
  • Evgeny Zaitsev

    Graduated with honors from the Russian Chemical Technical University named by D.I. Mendeleev in 2014; specialization - "The basic processes of chemical production and chemical cybernetics." In 2018 graduated from the post-graduate course of the Russian Chemical Technical University named by D.I. Mendeleyev; specialization – “System Analysis, Management and Information Processing”.
  • Alexey Rychagov

    Senior Researcher, Ph.D.
    Senior researcher at Institute of Physical Chemistry and Electrochemistry named after A.N. Frumkin Russian Academy of Sciences. Since 1998 he has been engaged in research in the field of chemical current sources (physicochemical properties of the surface of highly dispersed carbon electrodes). He has a number of patents in the field of energy storage, including patents in the USA. He has more than 30 scientific articles in the field of chemical current sources.
  • Ekaterina Rustamova

    Senior Researcher, Ph.D.
    Specialization is inorganic chemistry. She graduated from graduate school at the Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry. N.S. Kurnakova RAS. In 2012, she successfully defended her thesis on the topic “Introduction of nanoparticles (2-10 nm) into the polyethylene matrix as a way to create standard samples”. She has extensive experience in the development, preparation and research of nanomaterials: inorganic nanoparticles (metal, semiconductor, magnetic, polymer), graphene and nanocomposite materials.
  • Ermakov Dmitry


    Master of Science in Nuclear Physics and Technology. In 2017, he graduated from the Department of Condensed Matter Physics at MEPhI. From December 2017 to December 2018 he served in military service in 3 scientific studies of the Space Forces of the Aerospace Forces.

  • Groshkova Julia


    In 2016, she graduated with honors from the magistracy of the Moscow Technological University with a degree in Materials Science and Technology Materials. Since 2016  study in graduate school of the Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry. N.S. Kurnakova (IONKh RAS) by specialty - inorganic chemistry.

  • Puntusova Lyudmila


    In 2018 she received a master degree in Physics from MISIS. Specialist in the development of an electrochemical electrode/electrolyte pair used in chemical current sources.

  • Krupina Tatyana


    Graduated from the Moscow Institute of Chemical Technology named after MV Lomonosov, has a master degree in Chemistry and Technology of High-Molecular Compounds. Did practical work at the Institute of Synthetic Polymer Materials (ISPM RAS). The final qualification work was carried out at the Institute of Inorganic and Organoelemental Compounds (INEOS RAS).  Has an experience in the creation and study of thermosetting binders for polymer composite materials and biocompatible amphiphilic high molecular weight compounds. 

  • Zbakov Aleksandr


    In 2017 he graduated from the bachelor degree of “MISiS” in the direction “Nanomaterials”. He was engaged in the synthesis of nanoclusters and magnetite nanoparticles. In 2018-2019 he was engaged in the production of nanosized ceramic materials by the SHS-grinding method at the ISMAN.

  • Lozovaya Olga

    Senior Researcher, Ph.D.
    Candidate of chemical sciences since 2013, specialty - electrochemistry. Since 2008 he has been engaged in research in the field of chemical current sources. Has more than 20 scientific papers on the topic of HIT