Graphene materials

Production of graphene and graphene oxide in the form of powders and their dispersions in various solvents. Performing experimental research work on the development of composite materials and coatings, based on graphene materials for various industries.

Graphene materials

Graphene is a carbon nano-object, which has unique electrophysical, thermal, mechanical, and optical properties. In terms of chemistry, graphene is a monoatomic carbon layer consisting of condensed 6-membered rings; carbon atoms are connected by sp2-bonds to a hexagonal two-dimensional (2D) lattice in graphene.

In 2011, for the first time in Russia, AkKo Lab LLC offered and further developed a high-tech method for production of graphene. Productivity, reproducibility and scalability are undoubted advantages of the developed methodology in comparison with the known foreign analogs; this method does not require the use of toxic and explosive reagents, severe synthesis conditions and expensive equipment. The original method for the reduction of graphene oxide obtained using the modified Hummers’ method, makes the developed graphene production technology unique.

All substances obtained by employees of AkKo Lab LLC are studied in detail and investigated only with the use of state-of-the-art methods of physical and chemical analysis. Based on their experience of working with graphene, employees of AkKo Lab have written and published a book "Graphene and Related Nanoformulation of Carbon".

Based on graphene and graphene oxide, AkKo Lab LLC, in cooperation with other research institutions, develops carbon nanocomposites. Samples of such materials are tested and studied by interested institutions with respect to the prospects of their industrial utilization.

Today, AkKo Lab manufactures and sells graphene and graphene oxide powders, as well as relevant dispersions in water and organic solvents.